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  Win a free Pre-Production Session!

Thanks for submitting!

RHC Music is giving away a free Pre-Production/Song-Writing session at the studio with producer Ross Hayes Citrullo. We’re looking for label and indie bands/artists in the Rock, Alt Rock, Roots, Soul, Blues, Country, Folk and Southern Rock genres, to submit their band socials for consideration in this contest. All you have to do is Like, Comment and Share our contest post(s) on Social Media and tag your band/artist page to be entered.


Selected winners will receive one (1) free Pre-Production* session with Ross Hayes Citrullo in the studio at RHC Music in Toronto, Canada to workshop your song and get it record ready. The session will be recorded live off the floor and the band/artist will leave with a variety of new arrangements and ideas of their song; to listen to outside of the studio and decide on a final arrangement that could be recorded for real.


Entries are subject to review by the RHC Music team and (during the pandemic) based on the Sound and Image presented through the band/artist’s online presence.

Good Luck!

The Fine Print:

  • RHC Music is owned and operated by Ross Hayes Citrullo, hereafter referred to as PRODUCER

  • Pre-Production is not bound to time constraints and is subject to PRODUCERs discretion

  • Any PRODUCER contribution to a song(s) arrangement or song writing cannot be used without written permission from the PRODUCER.

  • Any PRODUCER elements that contribute to “song writing” are subject to appropriate credit and song writing/publishing points.

  • Band/Artist will be required to sign the RHC Music Producer Agreement agreeing to the aforementioned policies prior to the Pre-Production Session

  • Band/Artist will be required to sign the RHC Music Studio Agreement (rules and policies of the studio) before entering the studio


*Pre-Production: The PRODUCER and the artist will prepare and review all the elements essential to song creation. They will workshop the song, trying various ideas and arrangements with a focus on playing (where possible) live off the floor as a band.

They will address three fundamental areas during the process:

 i. Song writing and song crafting

ii. Defining the vision of the record or track (musically and lyrically)

iii. Ensuring the performances serve the overall vision of the song(s) and identity of the artist

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