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Ross Hayes Citrullo and RHC Music are proud to partner with these companies that help to bring the best out of your music production.

Sharp 9 Music


Sharp 9 Music is a Radio Promotion and Producer Management company based out of Vancouver, BC that works with world class artists of all musical backgrounds. 

Owner and Operations Manager for Sharp 9 Music; Bill Miller is a graduate of the Humber College Music Program with a Major in Jazz Performance. Bill has conducted and participated in radio promotion campaigns for 604 Records, Cordova Bay Records, Anthem Entertainment Group, Light Organ Records, EMI, Simkin Artist Management, ole, Coalition Music, Chief Management, Invictus Entertainment Group, HJE Management, Watchdog Management, Big Star Recordings, Hands Up! Records, Studio Gold Nashville, WorkHardBelieve Records, Vic Park Productions, Faber Drive, Bif Naked, Carly Rae Jepsen, Dan Davidson, Jully Black, Eric Ethridge, Tareya (of Autumn Hill), Bryan Finlay, Lexi Strate, My Darkest Days, 54-40, Econoline Crush, These Kids Wear Crowns, Red 1 (of The Rascalz), JPNSGRLS, Deadset Society, THENWHEN, DJ Kav, Aaron Allen, The Veer Union, Tupelo Honey, The Proud Sons, Ryan Laird, Neverest, Brea Lawrenson, Brad Saunders, Trinity Bradshaw, The Silence Factory, W3APONS, Mute Choir, Steph Macpherson, Me and Mae, Mandia, Last Bullet, Jessica Lee and Daniel Wesley to name a few. 

Sharp 9 Music conducts radio promotion campaigns for a small roster of artists and specializes in Canadian radio formats across Canada including COUNTRY, ACTIVE ROCK, ALT, AC, HOT AC and TOP 40 Canadian commercial radio formats.

Gypsy Soul Records


Gypsy Soul Records features two bands Ross has worked with; The Honeyrunners and The Commoners. This label, founded by Renan Yildizdogan in Toronto, is working with Ross to showcase some of his artists across Canada, USA and Europe.


About Gypsy Soul Records:


Gypsy Soul Entertainment? Founded in 2009, Gypsy Soul Records is a Roots Rock, Americana label. Gypsy Soul Entertainment is comprised of two departments: Gypsy Soul Records, and Gypsy Soul Promotions. Gypsy Soul Records was founded to help develop the careers of like-minded artists. Stone River’s debut record was the first record to be released internationally under the label that year. Gypsy Soul Records artists are distributed by Fontana North. Today, Gypsy Soul is more than just a record label. It is also an artist collective who wants to give something back to the great music that has enhanced our lives and shaped who we are. Being on both sides of the industry provides us with an extra perspective and helps us keep our ears close to the ground. We go by our gut instincts and follow our hearts. We love what we do and we work very hard.

Infrasonic Mastering - Pete Lyman (Nashville TN)


Pete Lyman is a GRAMMY-nominated mastering engineer, and owner of Infrasonic Mastering, an audio and vinyl mastering studio with locations in Los Angeles, CA and Nashville, TN. Pete’s digital and vinyl mastering career spans thousands of titles over the last two decades. He has mastered Grammy-award winning and Grammy-nominated albums for Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell, Brandi Carlile, Sturgill Simpson, John Prine, Weezer, Panic! At the Disco and more.  

In 2005 Lyman opened Infrasonic West, a custom-built mastering facility in Echo Park, CA. Pete, and his 1956 Neumann AM32B Cutting Lathe, moved to Nashville, TN in 2018 and opened Infrasonic East. In 2022, Infrasonic West found it’s new home in Highland Park, CA. Since then, Pete has curated the Infrasonic roster to include engineers spanning everything from mixing to mastering to vinyl cutting to immersive and so much more.

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