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Dialog Editing

Editing raw voice recordings captured during the shoot by boom operators and production sound mixers on set. Room tone is blended with existing dialog and premixed with eq and compression to elminate background noise and clean up the voice.



Additional or Automated Dialog Replacement;    The process of replacing or augmenting the dialog audio in a film or TV production in a controlled studio environment. Facility includes picture sync and microphone matching and proper voice direction.

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VoiceOver Recording

Voice recording for narrative (non-diegetic) dialog for radiotelevision production, animation, filmmakingtheatre, or other multimedia presentations.

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SFX Editing and Creation

The process of design, creation, manufacturing, recording, and editing of elements that make up the soundscape in a film or TV show.


Foley Editing and Creation

The reproduction of everyday sound effects that are added to films, videos, and other media in post-production to enhance audio quality.


Re-Record Mixing

(Dubbing Mixer) Combining the sound elements (dialogue, ADR, foley, sound effects, backgrounds, and music) and mixing them together to create the final soundtrack for a film or television production.

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RHC Sound is proud to partner with BackPocket Sound for its location recording and SFX design/creation projects. In collaboration with owner/designer Ben Spiller, RHC Sound and BPS have the resources and teams to cover your location sound production and custom sound design needs. 

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