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The producer and the artist will prepare and review all the elements essential to song creation before entering the studio. They will address three fundamental areas:
i. Song writing and song crafting
ii. Defining the vision of the record or track. (musically and lyrically)
iii. Ensuring the performances serve the overall vision of the songs and identity of the artist.
Production & tracking is the process of recording all elements of an album, EP or single in the studio. It is during this stage where the overall sonic quality and clarity of performances are created and recorded. 
The sonic vision of the record will be defined at this time through experimenting with sound sources, instruments, microphone techniques and different hardware & plugins.
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The mixing process is where all the recorded elements come together. Tracks are leveled, panned and processed into the stereo image, in order to find the specific sound that works with the artist’s vision. Next, the sound is enhanced with the use of compression, EQ and effects to make it competitive with what's being played in the industry, while maintaining or creating dynamics that allow the song to build.
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